Utah vs USC Live Free

Utah vs USC Live Free

Utah vs USC Live Free. USC Trojans arrived in the city for the Pac-12 women’s basketball game on Sunday with some notable height restrictions and the intention, if necessary, to play only some of those that fit on the form.

Utah vs USC Live Free
Utah vs USC Live Stream Free

As it turned out, this is all Southern California needs in Utah’s victory over Cuba at 58-47 at the Hunters Center.Utah vs USC Live Free

USC (13-4, 3-3), using essentially only six players for the vast majority of competitions, took the lead at the end of the second quarter, and the closest Utes could reach the end of the route, there were four points.

After Friday night in Los Angeles, after Los Angeles University of Los Angeles lost a high-level closed game, Utah (12-5, 3-3) missed the opportunity to stay on top of the table. of Pac-12 positions.

“For me, I got upset,” Utah coach Lynn Roberts said. “It was not us.” Just like we play on Friday, we play less than 48 hours, it’s a bit dizzy.

“We left the apartment, oriented and simply overcome from an aggressive point of view,” Roberts added. “I do not understand”.

Utah vs USC Live Free


Kristen Simon’s senior center was the tallest starter for visitors, but she was only 6 feet tall. But Simon scored 14 points and scored seven rebounds, playing 38 of 40 minutes.

“She did an excellent job, she always plays people who are six inches taller, and does an excellent job,” said Southern Trend coach Cal Trak.

However, in the center of Utah was not Emily Potter, 6 feet 6 years old. She was sitting at the signs to be late for the movie session. Instead, agreed 6-5 newly arrived Moran Corbin.

Neither Simon nor anyone else for Trojans had unpleasant problems at any time of the game. USC committed only eight fouls total in the team, and nobody had more than two.

“As for their defense, they played hard, they have excellent athletes and they make people behave very well,” Roberts said. “You must give them credit, we averaged 80 points, and they kept us at 47. This is a bit embarrassing.

“Before, during and after (the game),” Roberts said, referring to the problem with his players on Sunday.

Utah vs USC Live Free

Mazik played 39 minutes and led all scorers since 20. Sadie Edwards added 16 for the winners.
Utah only one player turned it into two figures, Megan Huff with 10 points.

“It’s a long season, and we’re going to be here at Pac-12. “You do not need to sound an alarm and jump out of the boat.” We, it seems to me, went a bit and regrouped.