Jeju United vs Cerezo Osaka Live Free

Jeju United vs Cerezo Osaka Live Free

Jeju United vs Cerezo Osaka Live Free. Jeju United on Wednesday will beat their season by playing against Cerezo Osaka in the AFC Champions League. This will be his first game in almost three months, so let’s anticipate the game to see how it works.

Jeju United vs Cerezo Osaka Live Free

Jeju United vs Cerezo Osaka Free

Jeju was largely due to the long and excellent form at the end of the season, when they saw that they were going to 12 games undefeated.

The season also showed some success for the team in the AFC Champions League, as they were the first to enter their group in Jeju’s history. However, despite winning the first round of the 16th game 2-0, they ended up losing the second with a score of 3: 0 after the extra time. This meant that they could not move to the next round.

Unfortunately, for the team, they lost some of the most important players of last year.
Yoon little Ga-ram is more likely to miss more. His return to Jeju after a year in China last summer seemed to have a direct impact on the team’s form, and it was after that that Jeju started to climb the table. However, he went to Sanju Sangma to complete his military service.

He is not the only player that can be lost. Former striker An Hyun-biom also left to complete his military service at Asan Mugunkhwa, and goalkeeper Kim Ho-jung, who last season played almost half of the Jeju games, went to Gangwon.

Guinea-Bissauan CF Frederic Mendy also left after he had never found his legs in Jeju, despite some encouraging performances.

However, not all of these are bad news when Jeju also brought some players. Basically, focusing on their attack, they signed Tiago Marquez and Roberson. Both signings continue Jeju’s tendency to sign an attacking talent from Brazil.

However, in addition to these two and several young people, Jeju was not active in the transfer window.
What can we expect from this game?

Despite the loss of Yun Beat-Garam, the lack of replacement and the uncertainty about how well the Brazilian signings will join the team, Jeju can count on a successful season because they managed to save almost all of their other top players. Last season.

CB Oh Ban-seok, who was so important to Jeju’s defensive form last year, will continue here to take his place in the Jeju defense center.

Chung Won in the defender, attacking midfielder Li Chang-ming and Brazilian striker and top scorer last year, Magno Cruz, will probably be crucial next year.

Jeju United vs Cerezo Osaka Live Free

This means that Jeju should be able to continue playing the way they have achieved great success last season. They will probably try to keep things on their backs, attacking quickly and directly.
Opponents of Jeju: Cerezo Osaka

Cerezo Osaka finished third in the J League last year, although they also won two trophies at home. They played ACL twice, both left their group.

Interestingly, they are managed by Korean manager Yun Yung-hwan, who spent two years in the K League Ulsan Hyundai team. During this time, Ulsan was known as a solid but inconspicuous team. However, this knowledge of Jeju and the way the K League teams play can be useful.

Osaka also arrived in Jeju on February 11, a little earlier than usual went to the living room.